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Next incoming stock

Sidst opdateret 21. august 2023

What does next incoming stock mean?

Next incoming stock is the inventory expected to be received from its suppliers after the current incoming stock is processed. This type of inventory is typically ordered in advance and is expected to arrive in the near future. It will become part of the incoming stock once it is ordered and will eventually become part of the current stock once it is received and processed.

Another closely related concept to the next incoming stock is the next incoming date which represents the expected date when the next incoming stock is scheduled to arrive. By knowing this date, companies can plan their inventory levels more effectively and avoid stockouts.

How to find the next incoming stock?

For example, suppose a company expects to receive a shipment of 1000 units of a particular product on May 15th. The next incoming stock, in this case, is 1000 units, and the next incoming date is May 15th.