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Demand planning with confidence in forecast accuracy. Finally.

Say hello to bias-free, data driven planning decisions. Hakio runs precision forecasts based on advanced algorithms so your planners can make the best decisions based on real-time data. Without spending time fetching it, of course.

Get demand planning superpowers.

You're in great company with leading fashion brands.

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Say goodbye to your demand planning headaches. For good.

Cannibalisations, substitutions, inconsistent trends and seasonalities, never-ending streams of new products. Tackle your forecasting and demand planning challenges with Hakio's advanced algorithms for fashion.

Embrace uncertainty in a complex world

Embrace uncertainty in the complex world

Complex modeling factors in shifting trends, seasonalities, and understands cannibalizations when introducing new products.
We can't make the ever-changing world stop changing, but we can consider all these complexities.

Reduce working capital and improve product availability

The complexities in fashion demand planning always seem to have no end either resulting in stockouts or massive excess stock.
Boost profits by reducing the working capital and assist planners with accurate decision-making.
This will even make your CFO smile.

Reduce working capital and improve product availability
Enhance supply chain resilience

Enhance supply chain resilience

Streamline your planning processes. Empower your planners to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Say goodbye to isolated knowledge trapped in spreadsheets.

Expert guidance in every step of the process

Decades of experience with fashion specific experience and insights helps you navigate the complexities of demand forecasting in close collaboration with you and your data.

Expert guidance in every step of the process

Watch a 2 minute Hakio overview

Gain a quick insight in Hakio, the team behind and learn how Hakio transforms data into actionable and valuable insights, to help your planning team make faster, data-driven decisions.

Accurate forecasting. Streamlined demand planning. Finally.

Empower your planning team to make the best decisions, based on a solid foundation of real-time, accurate data.