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Hello, we are Hakio

Hakio was founded with a clear objective: to tackle global waste by developing top-notch demand forecasting algorithms. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals from various backgrounds, all united in our mission to turn this vision into a reality.

Together, we are determined to revolutionize the field of demand forecasting and make a lasting impact. Join us on our journey as we redefine the rules of the game!

Hakio team

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Meet the team

Malte Vittrup

CEO & Co-founder


Head of Commercial

Simon Kristensen

COO & Co-founder

Martin Lok

Development Lead

Christian Montes Schütte

Data Scientist

Robert Dahl Jacobsen

Data Scientist

Nicholas Nyengaard

Data Scientist

Martins Dubrovskis

Marketing Specialist


Executive Assistant


Data Engineer


Back-end Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Data Scientist

Our backers

Founderment is an Aarhus-based early-stage VC that backs founders of tech-driven startups with blue-sky ambitions.

Blazar is a Danish VC focused on incubating and scaling e-commerce businesses.

We're on a mission

At Hakio, our mission is clear: eradicate global waste resulting from complexities in supply chains. We understand that friction in demand forecasting leads to lost revenue, overproduction, and unnecessary expenses. That's why we strive to develop the most advanced demand forecasting algorithms, empowering global fashion brands to make a significant impact on a global scale by reducing overproduction. Our team is a bunch of skilled individuals, and we're aligned in our pursuit of this vision, embarking on a transformative journey to reshape the way demand forecasting are done today.

What does Hakio mean?

As you might have noticed, Hakio has a bit of a Japanese ring to it. And you would be right. We have chosen the name Hakio as a derivative of the “superpower” in the manga series OnePiece called observation Haki (Told ya we were nerdy).

Accurate forecasting. Streamlined demand planning. Finally.

Empower your planning team to make the best decisions, based on a solid foundation of real-time, accurate data.