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Dictionary / Order cycle time

Order cycle time

Last updated August 21, 2023

What does order cycle time mean?

Order cycle time refers to the total time it takes for a customer order to be processed and fulfilled, starting from the moment the order is placed to the moment the customer receives the ordered products or services.

The formula to calculate order cycle time is:

Order Cycle Time = Order Delivery Date - Order Placement Date

What are the key components?

  • Processing time: The time taken to process the order after it is received.
  • Picking time: The time needed to gather the items from the inventory shelves to fulfill the order.
  • Packing time: The time required to pack the items securely for shipping.
  • Shipping time: The time it takes for the order to be transported from the company’s facility to the customer’s location. Thus may vary based on the chosen shipping method and the distance involved.
  • Delivery time: The time taken for the package to reach the customers doorstep or designated delivery location.
  • Processing delays: Any unforeseen issues or errors that might occur during the order processing, picking, or packing stages can contribute to delays in the overall cycle time.

What are the benefits of a shorter order cycle time?

A shorter order cycle time often leads to increased customer satisfaction, as customers receive their orders more quickly, reducing the time they have to wait for their products. Additionally, a shorter order cycle time can help companies become more responsive to changes in customer demand and market trends.